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Our African Loom is produced with authentic Lloyd Loom Weave imported from the United Kingdom to create durable furniture principally designed for conservatories, sunrooms and covered outdoor entertainment areas.

African Loom furniture is created by weaving natural fibres around a steel core. This gives it a “wicker” appearance, resulting in attractive, long-lasting furniture.

(source: from ‘Lloyd Loom woven Fibre Furniture', by Lee J. Curtis)

Twisted kraft paper, or ‘art fibre’, was developed in the early 1900s as a cheaper and more readily available material for wicker production, and was extensively used during the First World War when the shipping of other traditional materials such as rattan and cane was disrupted.

In 1922, a new type of furniture appeared in Britain with the legend ‘neither cane nor wicker – superior to either’.
‘Lloyd Loom’ derives from the surname of its American Inventor, Marshall Burns Lloyd, who in 1917 patented a new system for the manufacture of wicker products.

Today, all Lloyd Loom furniture is constructed from this twisted paper and wire material.